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When I rise up and when I lay down

June 29




When I rise up and when I lay down




In order to be happy with you I have to learn to be happy without you.  I gasp at the pain of it and desperately wish that the above statement were not true, but alas, you are gone in a way that I can never reclaim you and to hold on to what of you is still tentatively available I must release my frightened grasp.  A wisp of smoke is not the bonfire of our past, but it is what remains and I breathe it in as best I can.  Immediately I realize I am holding on again.  I breathe you out, let you go.  I want to run screaming throwing you from my bonds, yet another of my attempts at control.  So, now it’s time to pray.  Not a prayer to get my way, not a prayer to make you stay, not a prayer to make you gone, just a prayer to live on my own.  G-d help me please to live my life, please guide me away from strife.  I am lost and can’t find my way, Father, hold me til the light of day.






Putty the cracks in your hopes






The water ruffles over metallic sheen

Lap after lap screen the view

And still the gilt reflection shines in my eyes.


Hypnotic, the undulance pulls me near

I stand on the edge, gaze then gawk

I follow the underwater movement and iridescent tremolo


I forget place and time, I lose sight of the fact

Gold isn’t the only thing that shimmers

Sometimes that glint is just a fish


Life is full of fins and fantasy

My sponsor suggests--I stop looking for my life

In a wishing well.

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So beautiful

You touched me deeply today.

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Sharon, thank you

It was a time of breathtaking pain and the only think I knew to do was write. Looking back I don't know how I would have survived it had I not written my way through. Again, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my work, Sherrie