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What I heard through the snow

June 16



What I Heard Through the Snow


The commentator’s voice fades in and out as the reception is lost and found among the static of my drive home.  In here is a pattern, a connect the dots matrix; I try to feel my way too as I weave past the slow and stubborn traffic.  Like a call from the wilderness distorted through a storm, my frantic thoughts obscure, sometimes distort the content, the intent, the soul of a message I so desperately need.  Broadcast warnings, safety suggestions, help and hope are torn to slivers and rewoven in my careworn brain.  The distraction of the road allows the subliminal heart beat to tattoo in my ear then my chest, all the way to my toes, bodily acceptance overpowers my relentless mind and clarity is achieved, no matter the drifts. 




Lay a hand on improbability








I am restored.

I have my sanity like a Spring coat

I am not sure I need it

But it’s nice to have nevertheless.


I prayed for this state of reason

Believing it would give me entree

To a world where I was a late arrival

To a party I am no longer sure

Will ever take place.


I stand in the entrance hall

And practice new dance steps.

I search the space for prospective partners

But rarely see anyone who is swaying

To the same beat.


I am grateful for my sanity

Even if I have to enjoy it alone.