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What are We Fighting For?

August 5




What are We Fighting For




Instead of competition for dominance we would benefit from cooperation for survival.  The struggle to become the very best destroyers in the world very well might make us postmortem champions.  Why is it that the lions don’t work to eradiate hyenas?  They could, but they don’t.  Why not, is the ever present question on my mind.  I have no answer as to why we strive to conquer.  A thousand platitudes come to my head, but nothing fast or tight, nothing that holds water.  So, the question remains; why are we hell bent?








Welcome help





I must be my own tattletale.

I must give my sponsor bullets to shoot down my disease

Anything I nurture and protect will grow and take me over.


It is up to me to choose if I will feed my ailment or my health

My life will be consumed that is a guarantee,

All things feed into others.


The direction this meal takes is my daily decision.

The bull’s eye can be hit if I describe the target.

The ending will be happy if the story I tell is my own.