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Van and I

May 3


Van and I

(Happy cleaning windows)


When the fog clears and I still can’t see, I check my optics and wash my windows.  The mundane upkeep hones my pursuit.  After the weather and housekeeping concerns are managed, eye exercises are next on the agenda.  I have to strengthen my equipment, stay fit or fall prey to vagaries of nearsighted limits or farsighted failings.  Myopia is an ever presence danger I must guard against as well.  A fixed focus is a death trap.  I must learn to track a moving target while I wend onward.  Nothing in life is stationary; concentration and a decent line of sight are priceless rudiments.  Continual practice with the tools and tactics build my confidence and sharpen wit.  Burdens are lightened when I see my goal in stark relief; I can chart my path and make my way.  Sobriety means if I can see it I can believe it, so I best go get the Windex.  

   Lock your doors when you need to, open windows when you can  


 MY SOBER HEART The heart I have todayIs not the heart I have had all my lifeCells age and are replaced I slough off what I can no longer useAnd rejuvenate with fresh layersMy sobriety is the same. Past step work is revamped and approached in innovative waysYesterdays prayers are replaced with today’sToday’s meditations will be dispelled by tomorrows The function remains the same but it is constructed with brand-new workService I render is always for my sobrietyBut I work to strengthen various quadrants My heart is not as young as it used to beAnd vigorous action remakes it new each dayI rebuild my sober heart continually because forever and todayI have the mind of an alcoholic.