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Two X's

March 25


Two X’s


I play sport at the three X folks and their still sometimes skewed thinking.  Yet, I attack myself for feeling like a babe in the woods.  Old and wise should be my stock and trade by now though I find vastness at my door regularly and confidence struggles to peek in the window.  What in the world will I do if I can’t perfect this stuff soon?  Hopefully nothing as foolish as fretting or anything as mean spirited as accusation, possibly I could try reception.  Truly this only comes in gift wrap and after twenty years I would hope I had learned to live in the present. 

   Think kindly of chickens if not of cowards   




The orphanage of my heart hold many children of the past
They gaze at me
Fixed in an attempt to draw me near their needs

I scurry, often my head down, eyes averted
Not knowing how to offer comfort or consideration
To these hapless souls.

Fearing the largess of poverty
I decline to open my small purse
What could I tender
Other than a tease?

Nearly barren, in my heartbroken, disconsolate, inconsolable state,
I rarely even obligate myself to extending my hand
This is the pit of my idiocy

These wee ones have the world of hope and strength to give
I am their offertory
I am the place where their gold resides
They live inside me to fill me and bind me to life and light

I flee them in the height of misunderstanding
Disconnected from these inner spirits I am impoverished
And far too weak to grasp their help

I too fogged to see the world within
Starve in the world without