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Two Things that Should be One


April 7


Two Things That Should Be One


The difference between my will and G-d’s will is that G-d actually likes me all the time, never looks to punish and would rather that I don’t settle for less then what is best for me.


The difference between G-d’s will and my will is left to my own devices I would run in a perpetual circle and dig a trough.  I would never ask for help and would refuse if it were offered.  I would take on misguidedness as a mantle and wear it to my wake.


Often my will and G-d’s will are miles apart, but they needn’t be.  G-d is the president of my fan club; I just need to start attending the meetings.





Make music in your head that you can feel in your whole body






I have been to the meeting where the play 'whip'
The meeting where the members are gotten in line
The tempo increases constantly in an attempt
To flick each other off into the land of shame and slips and less-than

This game is invisible to the participants
Though the stress on their bodies is surely felt
Spectators often misunderstand the meaning of the activity
And wrongly interpret it as strength training and endurance building

I think of it as a backward step
Throwing me to my initial desire for a drink
Living other peoples skewed lines
Sent me running for a bottle

The same lines
Placed around me in sobriety
Will measure me up for a box