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Today's Math


February 3



Today’s Math



Today is 12/06/06 this is an equation to me, 12 = 6 + 6, simple; not everything is, but math always works for me.   My Higher Power is math based and one of my major decision making tools is to run the equation of the presenting situation.  There are many constants in my life and those numbers are easier to calculate the variables often prove more difficult. Scalable problems allow for my Geometry.  Proofs are a comfort when I can get them.  Set Theory is what I settle for when I can’t.  I try to show all my work and have others check my calculations.  I can’t tell you how often a simple error in addition or subtraction has fouled my whole equation not to mention my equilibrium.  In conclusion I would like to say it is now 12= 9 + 6 and somehow I’ve lost three days, or did I gain them?  See how tricky the signs are.




Put misconception up for sale






I show the shining bright face to the world
But cannot enumerate the dark.
I change and turn for all to see
Glowing sliver, to full fledged smile.

I inventory all phases
Can tell you from wax to wane
But the darkness, the anchor to my lonely life
I can only guess.

I feel my way across the unknown topography
Searching with fingers and faith
To find the secrets
Of this magic nightmare.

And What? What is the thing to break it?
Hope, Reverence, A detailed map
Or is the darkness just a fact,
Part of the big equation, the equalizer of the light?

If this is so, how best to live with it?
Continue the search or post barriers,
Go ever forward looking for an answer,
Endear myself to the void?

The choices are always mine
The way seldom clear.