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......To Your Health
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........October 29



To Your Health


Health is a pleasure; health restored is celebration girded with gratitude.  The shock of illness quickly imbeds itself to an irrefutable unchangeable fact.  When this veil is lifted the body responds with glee, the soul with relief touched with disbelief.  The satisfaction of being hale is the bedrock and once this is shaken its return is nothing more than astonishing.  I am never more aware of the miraculous nature of life than when I feel alive once more after having felt the doom of sickness.






Throw out ancestral trash




What more comfort can exist in the world
Than a conglomeration of turned edges and love?
Fancy stitches or not the assembled world of cloth
Stands testament to devotion and diligence.
Careful collections, meaningful to the collector
And mysterious to the possessor,
Fulfill the primal urge to shelter and be safe.
Time is testimony to endurance.
Thread against thread,
Solidarity is strength embracing flexibility.
The bed of life is made and remade daily
With the affection of kind quilters needles of love.