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Three Card Monty


March 15


Three Card Monty





When I learn to excel at the good games and learn to leave the bad ones alone I think I will be all right.  Simple enough to do when I can take off this blindfold and see the long term consequences of my pursuits.  Engage this pastime and have no future; abandon that play and squander hope.  Eyes open wide, I see what there is to see, but around the corner I am lost for anticipatory sight and must guess at destinations let alone intention.   Tricky, tricky, is this life which toys with me.  I think I have the bow in hand, though as life rubs me wrong then right, I see I am played upon as much and as often as I play.  I take up the reins, but must also be led, I can lay out the deal, but sometimes, I just have to roll the dice.




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As in a hall of mirrors, it is sometimes hard to tell
If I am moving forward in my recovery
Likewise, as promises are fulfilled
Their obtuse arrival is a quandary

The juxtaposition of acute homecoming
Of former faculties is also startling
How the light reflects itself from sober face to sober face
From open heart to open mind, is the spectral of hope to me.

My soul seeks me day after day
Though I left it so far behind
It brings to me the person of God's intent
And my new acquaintance.

Patience, never my virtue, finds me stacked with packages
Delivered in piles so high I can't keep up with opening them
Never in my life have I known less about my future
Or felt more assured.