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There is a Tree


January 18







There is a tree in the woods.  I’ve seen it.  It is cut off from any visible source of strength or sustenance.  Carried aloft by the surrounding trees, the splintered trunk dangles in the air.  It makes no connection to the forest floor.  I know the feeling.  I have been cut off too.  Violently separated from my God, as it were.  I probe the fractured stump at the bottom of my soul.  I explore the crevices seeking tendrils of hope.  My anxiety bonds to my frustration, but faith eludes me.  I look down to the broken place, the view unrealized by me.  I have a vista of unimagined beauty provided to me by the growth of others.  I am eye to eye with my peers, held in their loving embrace.  I bloom and flower with them.  I endure the winters the same as they, and come spring am the stronger for it.  I don’t know why I was damaged.  I don’t know why I was saved.  I am grateful it is done.

My sponsor says it’s for our sobriety and the pleasure of your company.



Think of three honorable people.




Between Two Chains



The curving movement half seen sweeps forward

and catches me squarely on the chin.

Realization glimmers that next time

it will strike me in the mouth

and I take a step back.


I estimate the returning arc, raise my arms,

push the board back from whence it came.

As it hurtles toward me once more, I reposition.


Force returns force;

fury comes vigorously my way

and I thrust with strength and enthusiasm.


And this is fine for what it is.

I have learned how not to get hit.

I can push when I get shoved.

How much better will it be

when I can get on and swing?