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The Wake Up Call

May 4




The Wake Up Call



I wake early and watch the lazy rain fall in slow fat random drops.  I view it with silent awe, only part of my recently somnolent mind bewildered.  Dawn advances toward me and I register a new concept: snow, it is snow; the sky had been, too dark to allow me to see the white, all I could comprehend was the fall.  The lighter the sky becomes the more the precipitation behaves like snowfall.  I muse this to my sponsor and she laughed, “Well, we all misname things in the dark, Sweetie, lighten up and give yourself a break.”








Look for the secrets you keep from yourself






I know the 7 P’s of preparation

I set the table for those I know

The unexpected arrive clothed in time and tradition


They seat themselves at the table with the naked

They become mute

We prattle and pose

Rarely glimpsing the goals sitting at the unset seats


What we need to become

Is far from what we are

I can not even call it other


It is within when we make room

And ether when we won’t

I can wait and try

But the juice is deep with the pulp


I get myself in line for the future

And wait for the clothes offered by my guests

I sit the emperor and rise the queen