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The Tide in Texas
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June 24



The Tide in Texas




I cannot tell you of my pain, how the liars took me off my land, how my heart lay shattered all around, how I’m so foolish and left in town.  I cannot show you the big red ball, which to me is a shame or how it bobs and sways or how the tail of it hangs out of reach and taunts me all the day.  But growing up to face the facts and finding my strong legs has put me to another tact and sucks the mud away.  Sharing my disappointment and my grief is like adding ballast to the boats.  It lifts us all instead of sinking me.  Not much of a price to pay.




Cruise your assets






I cannot buy happiness

No matter how much money I spend,

No matter how hard I work,

I can never pay bliss off on layaway.


The angles of escape for glee are phenomenal

I see runaway emotions and concede ownership

When opportunities arise for satisfaction

I pay the fare and take the trip.


The boat isn’t mine to keep

But the tour is forever in my heart.

I can’t take it home and bury it in the yard

I need to enjoy each measure while the music plays.


I remunerate for time in proximity

Delight arrives and stays as long as it likes

I linger at the table and enjoy my desert

Leasing elation is an occasion of celebration.


Living moment to moment

Has given me this chance


So I take it.