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The Regulator

July 29


The Regulator


Face to face the clock stares me down.  I nearly dare the mismatched hands to beat me at my part.  Their never-ending round-house drops me to the ground.  My foot work is no equal for eternity.  Fancy days and star lit nights distract me from the fight I’m losing, directing my thoughts to what I gain.  If I turn with the hours dwelling in the moments the clock and I are friends, no more mad-dogging, no time to lose.  Time is with me till the end, it is not the death of me; it’s the time of my life.  









Smuggle your sweetness out from under your cynicism







There is a penny in the bathtub.

I wonder who stood in there with loose change

Possibly confused it for a wishing well the penny was tossed in.


The stories I could tell, the hopes that tantalize my mind

Elves and leprechauns, dreamers and optimists,

All trundle through my thinking.


When I don’t know the answers

At least now I can look for the best,

The sweetest thoughts.


I don’t run to the dark and threatening disasters

I have lost the lease to my personal black cloud

The one which used to follow wherever I went.


I can smile now

And think of pennies from Heaven

The first drop landed in my tub.