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The Little Black Dress

May 9


The Little Black Dress


The holes in my pockets cause me to feel naked.  Though it is an inside pocket and no one can see through I feel exposed, my thinking changed and for that matter chained, one link looped through the next.  I start with a hole in my pocket so I know I can’t stay in this dress all day. I know I will need the storage later as time wears on but I can’t change now and I don’t want to waste time putting on my tights.  My legs are cold.  I fly from room to room.  I gather my keys, but forget my phone.  I am bare legged and unreachable, overexposed due to a hole in my pocket.

        Keep in mind that love doesn’t conform to opinion, even well meaning opinion  


 SLAYING OLD DRAGONS Your roar is Doppler-lowAnd I can feel my steps move the earthAs I go forward. Former dominatorScary from every angleI come for you today The scales are falling, I don’t rip them but they fallI can breathe at the heights of you lairI am not shrinking The booming voice you had is goneThe power spilling away from youI don’t fly from you Gone is the tremble you once instilledThe curtain has partedAnd you are revealed