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The Hope Diamond
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June 5




The Hope Diamond



My guess is the same god that wants me stupid also wants me to suffer.  I ask myself what could be all powerful about that?  I wonder is G-d like a friend or a lover?  I carefully chose my friends whereas my lover found me against my greatest plans and well thought out rules.  And if this is to be like marriage, may I file for divorce if things go astray?  Or am I stuck with this match, like I am stuck with my deformed ear there underneath my hat or fringe of hair?  I never thought of my relationship with G-d like a necklace I could take on and off at will, though the more I study it seems this beautiful thing enhances my beauty if all is right and will strangle me if it gets hung up.






Sort genius from fortune







From tight green buds come beautiful roses.

From small verdant places I blossom too.

I open to richness unexpected and fullness unbelieved.


I look at crumpled laundry

Never anticipating the look of clean sheets blowing on the line

Doors I perceive as blocked by vast boulders

Are thrown open by willingness.


Who I am today is no one I recognize

I didn’t see myself coming.

I write though I can’t spell

I love though my heart is broken.


I think though my mind is warped

And I trust though the amulet is long shattered.

Promise is not a laid out plan but the continuum of change

I can fight it or let it carry me where it goes.