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Taking the Field

July 20



Taking the Field




Humor is an illustration; a joke, an explanation.  I learn far more from the smiles than the jeers.  Laughter carries me; an action, which tears can’t always accomplish.  It is hard to live with constant descent, but wit is a quick impassioned friend.  Thoughtless conformity is an evil companion I prefer the company of those who play.  Life is too hard from the sidelines; I would rather take the field.




Find a pit crew before you crash






I am close to my Higher Power

But I have no words to describe It.

I have found it best to say nothing unless asked.


When I do speak it is always the path I took

Or the way I held my face.

I know the things, which changed

And the wind, which blew.


This is not the sketch most people seek.

My skin is brown and my smile broad.

This is not from over exposure to beams of light.


Closeness warms me, I glow from standing near.

I know the face and form is different for everyday

I must not stop for definitions.




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