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Single Serving Sterling

August 16



Single Serving Sterling



When the menu of life feels vast I must focus on my teaspoon; a simple tool that fits well in my hand, whose use I well understand.  The possibilities conceived when I ponder the intangibles conspire to suck me down the rabbit-hole where all that’s left to me is a drug.  When I come back to stir my tea and lick the spoon clean the world revolves around me and without need of my completed unified theory.  Need looms, loss stacks, salvation keeps a steady distance, my only hope is to drink my tea, I shan’t even sharpen my spoon; I can and need to stay out of my fear built prison and off the streets of hell.  My task is at hand and the size of the scoop is a reminder to take all of life in small doses.




Treat hope as a living thing; feed its hunger, quench its thirst






Gravity is always in effect

But invoke the laws of lift

And you can make a stone fly.


I have no gills

But strap on a tank and rebreather

And I can share space with the sharks.


Given enough willingness and step work

I can walk through the world sober

Though every cell of my body is alcoholic.


The laws of nature are fluid

When I flow with them I can keep my goals.

Instant gratification is often my stumbling block.


Gaining access to my far-flung desires

Is not impossible

But it is also not immediate.


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