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Screaming Lethargy

September 26




The screaming lethargy of being alive after many years of wanting something else, the exhaustion of pulsing, breathing, waves and waves of thinking.  Yet as tired as I am, I am.  Here without a doubt, I stand.  No crawling for I have not fallen, no climbing for I have reached the plain.  I wait for the rain to wash over me, the truth to run through me, time to pass by me.  As if on a free trip to an unwelcome destination I arrive with randomly packed bags and low expectations.  I’m here now.  The train doesn’t seem to be moving on.  I might as well leave the station, nothing to do on the platform.  There may be points of interest or flowers to be smelled.  I step haltingly and fear making any connection to this unbidden place.  My name is unknown; I befriend the lamppost, the birds, the street.  I am tired of travel, fearful of arrival.  Fury courses through my veins but the weather is pleasant, I might take off my coat and stay.

 Plan a trip with no destination