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August 29






Satisfaction is like a marble in my pocket.  Formed when correctness was still red hot and my sponsor rolled my mind until I was whole.  I sigh and square my shoulders.  I know I am up to any task.  I am skilled with my tools and know well the talents of my intimates and helpmates.  I am not invincible but I am capable.  I value who and what I am today.  I sleep the sleep of a person not a hostage or a captor.  I am me.  I have a marble in my pocket and it reminds me of the world.  I have a world within me; knowing how to live with that is a great satisfaction.



Listen clearly to angry words but don’t repeat them.



Even at the Bottom



Why is it that I feel God leads me to the path,

but expects me to travel it alone?

In all honesty it feels more like God leads me

to the stairs and I fall down them on my own.


I lay in a heap at the bottom

filled with self-reproach for the landing.

I forget that a power which draws me forward

can also endure.


I did not come here alone,

I will not leave here alone;

I am never alone,

even at the bottom of the stairs.