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Saltbox House

October 2



Saltbox House


Refusing to make reasonable demands is quite as dysfunctional as making unreasonable demands.  The opposite of an extreme is often twice as crazy and harder to explain. I open my mouth and dry toast is the reply.  Nothing should be said when nothing can be done and to do nothing is harder than one might think.  I fold my hands but my lap rejects them; I quiet my mind but my soul objects.  I must let my heart sing and trust you enough to ask for help.



Check your speed and direction





Rejection as a game of endurance,
A boundary enhancing process
A test of survival
Rejection sought or unsought is a challenge.

Sometimes rejection is a flare
Lighting the need for change of tactics or direction.
Though it is hard to view rejection as a beacon
Rather than condemnation.

Rejection is also the counterbalance for acceptance.
Risk is nothing if rejection is not part of the equation
I cannot value yes if you could not say NO.

Rejection is the safety valve
For putting myself in situations where I don’t belong.
I get sent back to the world of possibilities when the kindness of rejection

Ejects me from wrong choice.



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