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September 16




Who is more powerless: the person driving down the road with his cup of coffee on the roof of the car, or the one who sees it happen?  Lost in mental chaos, lost to the small things, I set the cup and forget, or content and serene, I am examining details and notice the oddness.  When my mind wanders I am helpless in the whirlpool and suction.  When I am grounded I am struck by the separate sealedness of the carnival around me.  Potential rides on the top; will it fall forward or back?  Will there be a sticky haze on the front windshield or the rear?  Or I could remember at the stoplight and spare myself everything but the embarrassment.  As the observer I try to be helpful, I point and jump and shout, calling the predicament to the attention of others in an attempt to increase my chances of success.  We all stand as the coffee speeds away to unknown disaster.


Wear your boldness like a mane.