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May 9





“You don’t have to give up playing God because it was a bad thing to do," said my sponsor in her most gentle voice.  “You have to give it up because it doesn’t work.  In a world seemingly spinning out of control, you, brave child, stepped up to the plate and took a swing.  That is heroic, not demonic, but impractical nevertheless.  You have to be your own full-time job even when it feels like there are other jobs left unfilled.  You don’t have to run around finding the feet that fit those empty shoes, either.  Maybe those empty shoes are just bait for a bad trap.  Keep on your journey and I think you will come to a place where the work is being accomplished by a surprising cast of characters.  You will be free to stick to the role ahead of you.”



Taste your thoughts carefully and spit out the rancid ones.



Out Standing in My Field


Trying to remove expectations is like trying to unseed a field;

it is damn near impossible until something crops up,

though when it does I must act swiftly lest things take root.


Tedious as it is weeding the fields

of unreasonable expectancy saves me from

so much frustration later on.


I don’t recognize it

but expectations are like little dictators forever ruling me,

leaving no room for God or direction,

not to mention flexibility or change.


Tap roots dive for the vein

and my life depends on fleet elimination of unsuitable desire.

I can want. I can strive.

I can not leave expectations to grow in my garden.