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October 15






Rejection is a game of endurance, a boundary enhancing process, a test of survival.  Rejection sought or unsought is a challenge.  Sometimes rejection is a flare lighting the need for a change of tactics or direction.  Though, it is hard to view rejection as a beacon rather than condemnation.  Rejection is also the counterbalance for acceptance.  Risk is nothing if rejection is not part of the equation.  I cannot value a yes if you could not say no.  Rejection is the safety valve when putting myself in situations where I don’t belong.  I get sent back to the world of possibilities when the kindness of rejection ejects me from the wrong choice.



Look at the keyhole then look at the key.






Alcoholics in isolation go no place good.

Isolation is too expensive to keep;

whether it is a bad habit or worse.


How I hold to a receding thing such as this?

I am amazed that I accomplish this difficult task

and fear my ability to do something simple like breathe.


I wonder often why destruction is so seductive when life is fine.

Yet, I hear the cloying whispers of lonely isle shores,

I must bind myself to friendship

and hold firm to companions for the water is no place for me,

I have forgone my once liquid life.