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April 20




I took an area level service position and my sponsor laughed herself off her chair.

“What is your motivation for this?” she asked.

“I want to move up through the service structure,” my reply.

“Are you trying to make rank?”

“Problem with that?"  I ask.

“Ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecy?  You will become what you desire.  You will become rank and you will stink.  The triangle is inverted to help you clean up your act.  Don’t get washed away in a tide of ego.”

I put down my swim fins and removed my epaulets.


Listen intently enough to hear the music of the planets spinning in your mind.

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I'm in recovery, too, and I

I'm in recovery, too, and I can relate. Thank God for the 12 steps! Thanks for your message back to me. I'm still learning how to navigate this site! I plan on trying to use this blog for my book, but I have a personal one too. The link is included in my Red Room profile.

Tami Boehmer