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Please Sir


April 5


Please Sir


Gratitude is a thing which collects and solidifies, it’s pink and I can walk around on it.  Some days it is a broad highway and other times a winding spindling track.  Ever present if I am mindful, gratitude roots out pests and pestilence while planting a garden beyond my dreams.  Gratitude is like handholding; it warms and strengthens me, keeps me connected to real life and reassures me that I am not alone.  Many days I find a way to make a face and pout, plundering the rich rewards of sobriety for the thin gruel of discontent, poke me with a stick on these days and remind me who I am, for I am never Oliver even if I feel a little twist.






Rest between great ideas






I failed to appreciate the initial onslaught of feelings
I spent much time trying to capture them
Lock them away or in some other way submarine them

This only had the effect of retarding my recovery
I had to reframe my thinking
I had to start with simple calisthenics, embrace and celebrate

As my emotional health began to take shape
I started the foundations for tiny shrines
Each with its own theme

Happiness had a party going on until all hours
With grief there seemed to be a constant internment in progress
Body or no

Fear showed on IMAX film
Of the realities of life on earth
Curiosity had an endless library plus a DSL line

Making myself a willing and frequent visitor
To these contrasting places
Created in me wholeness and peace

Never again do I have to trudge
The two dimensional desert
Of my monochromatic former life