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...........Picture Window
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.....................November 11


Picture Window



When G-d sticks His face in my window it brightens my day.  What that shining face looks like in other windows I do not know, but I try to memorize the eyes, the brow, the winning smile before my time is up and the wind shifts.  The flash of a friendly face lights up the house, my yard, the corners of my soul.  I imbibe the rich glow before it moves on, letting my core charge with incandescence, warming my mettle.  I am long and longing for this happy countenance and only when the blocks tumble in my mind do I realize that it is two- way glass in that window and stick my face in it and offer it to G-d.  










Today treat oddity as a pearl not a pebble




Peace like an elephant on my chest
I can’t breathe but at least we are not fighting.
The rigid air hangs like sheets on the line
Stiff but dry.
Plastered smiles and short salutations
Get us through until bedtime.
But what can hold in standing up
Pours out lying down.
Tender feelings are compressed
And come out only as water
Anger bubbles and brews.
Disappointment lives down deep
And sours the milk of love
There are things worse than cross words.
Moldering, festering, frozen words
Pound spikes in a relationship
Fraught with apprehension.
The truth is I would let these pent up things out
But I don’t trust you and I don’t trust me.