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Pick up Your Hammer and Saw

August 9




Pick up Your Hammer and Saw


The task infers the tool.  I know this, yet I resist clearly mapping my insanity.  I look into the well of my despair then quickly I look away, I fear informing G-d what I need lest the need be filled. I need to believe that a power will heal me, but if I am provided with the force of life, I shrink from the prospect.  This too, must be added to the list of my emotional woes and mental shortages.  This too, will be healed.  I look at my problems and then realize, that like the moon, who pulls the water from dry shore to dry shore, solutions are installed in heaven and earth if I know what the problem is.






Experiment, start living a dream






Closer than comfort is willingness.

Comfort is at the skin

But willingness is under it.


I can live without comfort

But not without willingness

Both are unseen but felt deeply.


Willingness drives to the destination

And comfort settles me in once there.

Comfort is a gift like warmth,

Willingness is a gift like breath.


I have been tempted to let go of willingness

To hold onto comfort.

True willingness brings true comfort

Never the other way around.


No matter where I have to go

Willingness will take me there,

I hope comfort will follow.