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Penny for your Thoughts

August 8




There is a penny in the bathtub.  I wonder who stood in there with loose change.  Possibly confusing it for a wishing well, the penny was tossed in.  The stories I could tell, the hopes that tantalize my mind, elves and leprechauns, dreamers and optimists all trundle through my thinking.  When I don’t know the answer, I can now at least look for the best, the sweetest thoughts.  I don’t run to the dark and threatening disasters.  I have lost the lease to my personal black cloud, the one that used to follow wherever I went.  I can smile now and think of pennies from heaven.  The first drop landed in my tub.

  Think of what a spider and a whale have in common.

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Lovely, Sherrie. May that

Lovely, Sherrie.
May that penny in the tub indeed be your first drop.

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Thank you!

Hello Jodi,

I am wildly optimistic that it will be. I hope you start finding them in your tub as well!