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Peace Time

September 23




Peace Time



I have been to the wars and through the wars and now sit on the stoop and wonder; will I learn to live here in the world of everyday after having had to spend so much time running for cover.  Each time I return to what I believe is my home I sit and rock trying to pour my soul back inside from my hipflask where it was held for safekeeping.  I try not to spill a drop for it is worse than shed blood and harder to rebuild.  My soul has grown pale from confinement and lack of sun, but it still exists and for that I pat my back and suck on my Lifesaver; I could have done worse, was unable to do better.  I console myself with the knowledge I never started the conflict just learned to survive it.






Substitute action for apathy








Remembering is the oxygen my brain pumps to my soul.

Remembering gives me mobility and traction.

Everything in my life that is positive depends on my remembering.

It keeps apathy at bay

And complacency locked in some far off cupboard.


Remembering gives today the misty sweetness I have grown to love.

I can live to my potential and enjoy the process.

Watch misery move away.

I can dream the future every night

Because I remember who I am and what I am capable of.


Never can I be haunted.

Memory keeps me from reactionary visitation.

Though some fear the past

I know holding it in a close embrace

Allows me to dance to the rhythm of truth.