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Participant Observer

August 14



Participant Observer



Underneath it all I am more than naked; I am hidden by exposure.  My body can never be as nude as life with you in my thoughts.  My mind is a polygraph you wander through.  I have determined this is more than safe and unlock the closets.  You are not my warden looking for contraband, nor the janitor looking for trash, you are here; you are my friend having a better look around simply to know me better and to love me well.  Your unfamiliar stride is exciting, I show off the places I long for you to see and stand aside from the rest; it is all yours to look through.  I do not resist.  You are my peaceful guardian; I am your willing charge.




Sit with impatience and sooth it






Sobriety is the Santa Clause that brings delightful gifts

Which make me smile.

Recovery is the Gene

Which comes from staying out of bottles.

The Jin makes treasure possible

But doesn’t bring it to the door.


The ads and billboards of illusion built a world of booze

But no hope for a real life.

I have learned to turn from all the lies of picking up

And live in the possibilities which open

Only when I put down the drink and the thinking.


I don’t need to pin up stockings

Or rub lamps, just take direction

And make willingness my campaign.


You are reading selections from More Sober on the Way to Sane and Lines From My Life by Sherrie Theriault