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February 14





One skin

One mind

One spirit

One day


If I live in more than my own skin, I am a body snatcher and ghoul.  If I live in a duality of thought I am ejected, ostensively out of my mind.  If I redouble my spirit the increase takes a dark cold turn and I am lost.  If I try to live two days at a time the sand shifts in the glass and I am worse off in that hour than Dorothy.

This skin is all I can be in, as many times as I walk in someone else’s shoes it’s the skin I’m in.  This mind is my only bequest, treasure enough to earn my keep. Free as this spirit is it is still tied at the heel and like my shadow it remains.  And today is the only day where the magic works, witches melt and clicking my heels gets my attention even if it doesn’t always take me home.







Create competition-free zones in your life






For many years, decades even,
I stacked the table against myself and others.
I piles the sacred next to the trifles.
I deposited item after item and built towers to confusion.
After years of sobriety I sorted the piles in earnest.

I made a place for myself at the table.
It's amazing what I can accomplish with a seat and a surface.
Over months, tediously separating, the needed from the useless,
I made a place for others at the table.

There is a whole world of life I missed
While trying to keep myself safe from unrealistic expectations.
Expectations of who I am and what I can do,
What I should do and who I should do it for.

Having strong boundaries and a clean table is like a homecoming.
I am coming home to me.
The good games and happy meals had at this table
Are unexpected and surely welcome.

The wall I built held good times at bay.
Because I could not keep the flood of trash
From spilling in from every direction
I had to learn to hold my head up before I could look around.