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Noun, Verb, Adjective

July 12




Model Sobriety (mod`el so-bri`i te), n., v., adj., 1. model sobriety acts like clay. Durable and flexible it molds to any situation.  2. model sobriety is like a clotheshorse; everything you put on it fits and looks good.  3. model sobriety is the 24-hour version of a life-long process.  4.  model sobriety is a set of axioms with which we interpret truth.  5.  model sobriety is what we put in the window for other sufferers to see.  6.  model sobriety is the mirror we use to learn what is natural.  7. model sobriety eliminates extremes in behavior and thinking.  8. model sobriety is the mode by which we become a channel.  9.  model sobriety is the definition in and of my life.  Noun, verb, and adjective.

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