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No Substitute for Fire

October 1





No Substitute for Fire


I wanted alcohol to do better for me than burning did.  I was constantly disappointed, yet I kept trying.  I was not to find pleasure in that bottle though I had no problem finding addiction there.  This is how I came to believe that there is not an upside to everything.  Booze took me to surprising destinations, but never the ones I desired.  I sought release, the release I got from a wildfire spreading across my skin and this might have been mine had I poured the liquor on rather than in.  But in me it did no good, it never let me exhale the way that the “right” kind of pain did. What I got from alcohol drove me though; fear rode me roughshod and I found my way home, it was a bumpy road, but once there we doused the flames and I live the upside I had come to doubt, because fire is no substitute for life.







Randomize the alphabet, then write








I anticipate the crowning of your face

As you birth the sky.

Your rhythmic visitation sates me.

The gravity of my need keeps you close.

The tide of my heart pulls you from shore to shore.


We live in the sweet ecstasy of tethered love

Our souls slingshoting across the open palm of heaven

Your empathy for me transforms these shards of ice

To a tender heart satelliteing


I orbit you

Empowered by your kindness

You are my moon.