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No Reason

September 5



No Reason


Reason falls through, where it lands is a place of unknown seascape and unrelenting tides.  The roar in my ears furthers the disorienting effect of relocation.  At first it seems easier to let go of reason but when I descend into madness I scramble for purchase; looking for sanity like a cleft in a cliff.  Loss of skin and blood is nothing to compare to the loss of my mind.  I believe I could be more easily separated from a limb or two than to lose rein on my brain.  Reason falls through; I must follow even though the terrain is arduous and my heart is sometimes faint, for without reason there is no reason and without reason there is no life.





Write songs to the dead, sing them to the living






When the shell gets too tight

It’s time to hatch.

I can’t tell you it’s safe out there

Just that it’s time to go.


The leaving is not easy.

Exodus fulfilled by the use of one small tooth

This experience may or may not prepare you

For the rest of your life.


So much still depends on predestination

And your attitude.

I mean are you a chicken or a hawk?

A peacock or a dove?

Or is there something of which I am unaware.


Did someone sit on your nest

Or cover it with sand?

Are you a turtle, lizard or snake?

See so much is out of your hands

But still your actions are your choice.