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No Maps


January 15





Maps have existed longer than I have.  By the time of my birth, aerial photography had made pinpoint accuracy the norm.  I can be tracked by satellite on my daily commute.  I can get a Trip Tik and travel to the far reaches of this continent.

"So what’s your problem?” asks my sponsor.

There is no map for where we’ve been going.  There are the twelve steps but after that, it is all uncharted territory, except, of course for my family’s warnings about dragons.

“Those critters stay to home mostly.  You have bigger things to worry about.”

So, where’s the map?  I need to know where to go.

“No map.  We go through this together.  The pitfalls are similar: sex and money.  There are a few others.  What each of us finds on this journey is unchartable, plus if you spend your time looking down, you will miss the view.  We prop each other up as we step off into the unknown, and reel each other back if we start falling off the beam.”

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

“Are you still sober?”

Yes, but I’m unsure.  Lots of people are sober right up until the time they’re drunk.

“So true.  It’s all about motive, and it’s difficult to chart your heart.  Do you have willingness?”

Yes, you know I do.

“I have found that is the vehicle to everywhere, Honey.  Learn to enjoy the ride.”



Write silly verse.




Comparison Shopping




Cost analysis of the yeas and nays

requires a savvy consumer.

Every word has a variable price

dependent on whom it is spoken to

and when it is said.


Some words charge compound interest

and others pay dividends.

Timing and delivery is of the utmost importance.

Knowledge of the markets requires constant assessment.


The risk to benefit ratio varies widely

and the short term verses the long term price

can flip the market from profit to loss.


Hold my tongue, speak my mind,

these must be weighed;

the clock consulted and inventories taken.


What I say and when

can be less a matter of bull or bear

than whether or not I can afford to be a sheep.