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Nightcrawlers and Nighteingales
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September 6




Nightcrawlers and Nightingales




I wriggle blind eyed through the dirt; friction, my friend giving me something to push against, resistance aiding my travels.  I worm my way through life and believed that was all there was; having never seen the sky.  I traveled far and wide once I had taken to the air.  Open eyed I push against a thing I cannot see and peer down on the dirt I left behind.  I soar rather than struggle and go the distance leaving my mind open to the next frontier.








Say what everyone knows in a way that no one thought of






A great woman walks my street everyday.

She carries a tall walking stick with a loop for her hand.

Each morning I see her low crown of hair and the half smile,

Her friendly wave when I catch her eye.


Each morning when I see her

I see the secret play across her face--humility.

This is the secret she cannot share.

I know she would sing it from the mountain tops if it would help.

But humility is not a secret you can tell.


It’s a secret you have to live with.

As I slowly learn this precious thing I see it shine in others.

Recognition of persons with inborn dignity

And a keen understanding of their personal value lights inside me.


When I see this fine woman walking with purpose

I appreciate myself better and am so very grateful

For those who keep humility alive by living it.