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Night Clothes and Bed Clothes

July 9





Night Clothes and Bed Clothes



Is there any indulgence quite like that of clean sleepwear warm from the laundry?  Pulling on jammies over squeaky clean skin and the little shutter that goes with tired hedonism is a pleasure without formed words, left for grateful sounds and little moans.  Hard work creates more than stability, more than cash flow and more than mere exhaustion, hard work changes my mind about delight and allows me to see it in the most obvious, most subtle of places.  My bed has become haven, hospital, refuge and I am tucked up in my nest and safely out of my mind. 




Tidy around your messy emotions







Anyone who has to be drug to water

Doesn’t deserve a drink. said my sponsor

What about raising the bottom? I question.


I’m not talking about that

I am discussing people you try to convince into recovery

The folks you try to accommodate


The ones you attempt to bend reality for

These are the type who will piss in your well

Let me be clear--------


I am not concerned with individuals who piss in the pool

Which is rude and disgusting

But basically not life threatening


When your well is defiled

When the place you draw your drinking water from

Is used as a chamber pot--- your life is at risk.


Don’t ever pull your pants down

Over someone’s fresh water

Don’t let anyone squat with their bare ass over your sobriety