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...........November 6




Natural Law



The boat captain can’t change the river; navigate it possibly, but rule it never.  Birds don’t control the wind, only capitalize on it.  I can’t reign my sobriety; I just get to take the ride.  My choices greatly affect the quality of this journey but not the nature of recovery itself.  I am powerless over gravity but am thrilled at my ability to use it to my advantage.










Desperate imitation is just that




Veteran of the addiction wars
I have scars but few metals.
I don’t need a purple heart
Mine is black and blue.
I don’t keep trophies either
No empty bottles or old syringes.
Hostages I have released them too.
I found often they held me
From what my life could be.
I wear my defects and wave my flag.
I am slowly learning to live in peacetime.
The big battles have been won.
It is up to me to stop replaying
The scenes of engagement.
Armistice is a beautiful thing
Too bad there is no better way to get it.