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More than a Fedora
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May 10



More Than a Fedora



I have no explanations only expletives, I wish I had something to say that you wished to hear, but that is not current events; foul humored broadcasts are what fill the air this day.  Bad temper is tempting, but I can no longer be satisfied in this way nor is this a performance that you care to witness.  I will play FCC to my ruminations curtailing this colorful darkness for my benefit and the clearing of the air.  I have never shied from dramatic vocabulary and I do not now, but throwing out words is waste and I am learning to conserve.  I don’t have to leak my power I can cover my head and close my mouth. 




Know what you are holding on to






I am taking this giraffe to the penthouse,

Do you suggest the elevator or the stairs?

Why do you chose these complicated tasks

To fill your days asked my sponsor?


You think this is beyond my abilities?

I didn’t say that, I do believe either you or the giraffe

Are likely to get bent out of shape

But that is the most obvious of observations


What if I told you being disproportionate

Is both of our natural states, I asked?

I know that too, my darling little lamb.


You may be a contrast to the multitude

But why make it harder?

Why not a ranch with a cathedral ceiling

Bay doors even?


You are taking out the spirit of adventure, I say

Baby, you may have confused frustration

With excitement, says my sponsor

Yes, but you have forgotten the view.