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April 6






Sometimes people get more than they can handle.  The evidence of this is their insanity or death.  God is not the actuary of heaven, managing tragedy the way my loan officer manages my debt load.  The victim blamers run to the ‘lack of faith’ accusation.  I have to keep my hands tightly on the wheel of life or risk strangling the parrots who chirp outlandish claims but tries to make it sound like help.  I have to live with what I experience as real and be sober today.  I will have to leave the measure of ‘more’ to time out of mind.



Lift your feet and let the chaos pass underneath





Two Things That Should Be One


The difference between my will and God’s will

is that God actually likes me all the time,

never looks to punish and would rather

that I don’t settle for less than what is best for me.


The difference between God’s will and my will

Is that left to my own devices

I would run in a perpetual circle and dig a trough.


I would never ask for help

and would refuse if it were offered.

I would take on misguidedness as a mantle

and wear it to my wake.


Often my will and God’s will are miles apart,

but they needn’t be.

God is the president of my fan club;

I just need to start attending the meetings.