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Madame Alexander

May 15




Madame Alexander





I am, too naïve; if you show me kindness I will believe you, follow you, obey you, so, I have rules.  These rules do not protect me, but they do make a box for me to seal myself inside.  Where I will ship myself, stack myself; hide myself so well, that even I do not know.  I pull the flaps down and pray not to have to make any real decisions.  I fold my arms and close my mind, believing I could never adequately open it enough to safely live in the world outside of this closet.  Here I sit wondering what to write on this label in order to be left alone all the while longing for true love, a thing never given to a quivering china doll shut up in a carton at the bottom of a wardrobe.







Make a suggestion box for your heart








You wore a wrist corsage to the dump?

You said to celebrate every activity

I retorted to my sponsor

Yes, by doing them with purpose.


Not everything needs to be a production number

Sometimes just showing up is enough

Putting to much energy into preparation

Can leave you without resources


It’s okay to make an appearance

Do the simple act and move on

That is a celebration in its own way

Don’t squander your vitality on the mundane.


Do you know what I mean, asks my sponsor?

Don’t waste flowers on trash heaps, I answer

Yes, and don’t wipe your bottom with poetry

I mention this in case you get any ideas!