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December 23








I easily identify the big mistakes of my life, but fail to recognize or report the little mistakes that I make, mistakes, which cost me so much.  Repetitive irresponsibility has the effect of water torture; drip, drip, drip and my peace of mind is worn away.  What can I say of what I refuse to see?  It was there all along like the view covered by the shade.  Who is to blame for not raising the curtain?  It may be me. may not, but I am the one who suffers, I am the one who misses out.  Missing the opportunity to grow out of these small deficiencies leaves me with a lifelong handicap and I am not just speaking of my blindness, but also how they make me lame.





Protest ignorance







Beginning and End


She stepped through my window and the clock stopped.


The shock of her arrival heart pounding fun and fury.


Forever I felt as if she weren’t there.


Fear lurked in my eyes.


Smile enchanting.


Exit at hand.