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September 29





New balance is more than a brand of sneakers.  New balance is a joyful revelation made possible through constant vigilance.  I am tap dancing into a vision, no more soft shoed wishfulness.  I can lift my feet knowing I can keep my up right posture; my musculature robust from climbing the steps and accepting direction.  This bright tempo delights me; I feel stretched, supple, able bodied.  Life off the balance beam offers me the world in which to embrace my equilibrium. 



Pick up your toys, pick up your chin and move on





How can my sensibility catch my intellect

Or find a map with enough information

To get my heart to the current location of my mind?


What are the common markers recognized by soul and brain?

I know the pulse of my wrist

Is counter pointing the firing of my synapses.


My life signs run their course

And I struggle to find the intersections

I long for more than signposts and curbing.


I would like parallels, paradigms and conclusions

There must be a place of common home and hearth.

I am looking for the depot of my life

I hope I hit it before I hit the coast.



You are reading selections from More Sober on the Way to Sane and Lines From My Life by Sherrie Theriault