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Keeping My Seat

July 7



Keeping My Seat



I can sit through this. I can do it even when I don’t remember that I want to.  I will get through this no matter how it tweaks me and I squirm in my seat.  In spite of the unfairness of it all, I can do what is right, because that is what is best for me.  Acting out or giving up are options that I have, but I like me too much to choose so poorly.  When this is all settled I will still have me no matter what else I gain or lose.  If I don’t like me anymore I have lost everything, if I can hold my head up, proud of my behavior this is the most valuable gain.  Love is only love if I am still here to feel it, so I will sit still.







Set group goals for your tiny terrors







I know the train is coming

And I want to read the schedule

I hear rumors that the convoy going to

Feeling will arrive in two years.


The five-year expedition to getting my brains back

Seems unlikely but is often commented on in meetings.

Excursions to far-off destinations such as

Functional and Reasonable have me on my feet

In gleeful anticipation.


Still I wish for a clear mapping of time.

I feel I could leave off the worrying

About the How of it if only I could

Be sure of the When.


This cavalcade of adventure

Would be so much more palatable

With a well written itinerary.


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Powerful stuff, and it struck a chord in me. I have been in that chair myself.

Your line, "if I don't like me anymore I have lost everything."

So true, so true...

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Thank you Annette!

I am so delighted this struck a cord with you.  Glad I'm not the only one who has been in this place.  I hope you are having a wonderful day!