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Jet Lagging

November 24





Jet Lagging



Baby’s feet kick in the isle and we are all cocooned in our seats.  The movies play and earphones dangle in our ears. We are jetting across the country in our own little worlds.  Landing can not happen soon enough for me, not that I want to foreshorten the flight.  I just know I have a stack of lives waiting for me and I would like to get back to living them.  I have been a week away, a vacation for sure and true but I have my keep to earn, my obligations are many.  I hope to have done myself proud when I am through, but until then there is much to do.




Zip up to protect yourself from exposure




Pain filled interactions with people
Better suited to be left alone
Changed me in the way of acceptance.
Retched relationships with people
Made it difficult for me to have a loving
Relationship with the world.
I had imprinted as a fledgling
On sarcasm and ridicule.
Bitter milk starved my expectations
Of kind response.
I could not greet the world eagerly.
Having never embraced the world
I failed to hang on as it turned
I slid on my face and hands.
Mud covered I try to keep an open mind
And attempt a connection
With this spinning orb.