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In Plain Sight

August 2



In Plain Sight


When there is a problem, I hide.  As the good places diminish I end up standing behind a pole.  The trouble with this is that something always sticks out.  I try weight loss, I suck in my tummy, I try to blend with the scenery.  Once spotted I act nonchalant; “I’m just hanging around with my skinny friend; nothing is the matter,” attempting to cover with a casual aside what is apparent to everyone but me.  I would be better off parading naked than endeavoring this piteous disguise.  I can’t fool the crowd and trying to makes a fool of me.  What I have forgotten is that clarity and diligence removes the target from my back and makes me invisible to almost everyone.  When I solve my problem I solve this problem too.





Permit anxiety to drip off you and flow away







I make sure to walk joy home,

Not because I doubt her ability to find it alone

Rather because it gives me extra time with her.


I used to fear joy.

That I would be intoxicated by her presents

And lose my well-hardened grasp on realism.


Now I see that without joy in my life there is no realism

That it was only cynicism

Masquerading in its place.


Joy is simple and unassuming,

I often confuse her with ecstasy and scoot away in shy terror

Joy is nice to have around she is not just a party animal.


Sometimes I invite her over for a cup of tea.

When we are done I take the winding path

To savor every step up to her door.



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