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If I name it do I know it?

March 19


If I name it do I know it?


Does emotional proximity necessitate a nearer name?  Far off I would be called earthling possibly human.  On this plain, female maybe woman; in this country Mrs. Theriault; in my home call me Sherrie, but in my bed hy calls me Baby.  Do these names offer the requisite information, no further inquires required, is it personal enough?   Is the limited nature a stunted interest from without or a privacy fence from within?  Does the boundary shift dependant upon the participants or is it an almost universal standard of metered advance and reveal?  And do I get more when I give more or does that end in less info and a change of direction?  Also who determines what I really need to know?  Wanting curiosity; my hungry mind and lonely heart do not direct all the world, yet ceaselessly they strive, shutter and ask again:  Who are you?

     Step toward yourself  




I have the most interesting lawn ornament.
It is long and sleek, low to the ground,
Resting on rubber rolls,
Steep of side and languid front and back

It has glass, glass which slants
And glass which slops into its sides.
It's paint shines when I buff it
And shows dust when I don't.

Inside there are seats and many artistic accessories
I sit on the steps and admire the thing
Then I sit in the thing and admire the porch
That's all there was until I was handed the key.


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Jag - model?

I've always wanted a Jag - XKE...I kinda decided I would never wash it - I would lick it clean.

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You've made my day!


First of all thank you for understanding, Jag, so many people read it and then say, huh? Second, thank you for making me laugh! I sure understand what you mean, a XKE would be like the best jewelry ever! I would never want to take it off.

I want to leave you with an image. Picture us having our 6 foot 10 inch son test drive a jag, he got folded down into it only to descover he couldn't move his knee and that is where the door release was.......we had quite a time getting him out of there! He had the saddest look on his face, it was full of the realization that he would never be driving a jag.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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That's quite a visual. I have seen some men who "put on" their cars rather than get in them.

Years ago, I knew an engineer who loved his Corvair. He was 7' 1". He took the front seat out - and drove from the back.
What a shame you can't do that with a Jag!

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Sharon, I will mention that


I will mention that to Justin, it may offer him some hope! 7'1", wow and I thought my kid was tall!