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February 9







What unites us, heals us, serves us, is the hospitality of the program.  Fellowship encircles us and draws us close, in a word unites us, hospitality is our core.  Hospital is the root of hospitality and recovery is the route to health, hospitality is the skeleton of recovery.  Hospitable aid, the true gift of self is hospitality; hospitality the master of A.A.





Observe inaction and discover its root







Forgiveness is not something to force on people
 like unwanted coffee.
It is only appropriate to forgive people who ask
 for forgiveness
And show with their behavior that they want it.

It is never appropriate to shove forgiveness on people
 who haven't asked
And show no signs of wanting it
 or demonstrate just the opposite.

It's been said, forgiving was to help you feel better.
It doesn't.
Letting go of resentments makes you feel better.
Making amends to the people you've hurt,
Cleaning up your side of the street makes you feel better.

Keeping an open mind and heart will make you ready
 for the possibility of someone coming to make amends.
Forgiveness is a two way street.
Anything you have to throw over someone like a net
 is usually a mistake.