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Home Fires Burning

December 25




Home Fires Burning



I have trouble living with myself that is why I live with you.  It takes my mind off the things I don’t wish to face.  What I can busy myself within your service lightens the load of expectation heaped in my DNA by my Higher Power and Fate.  Worry is time consuming and I wile away hours fretting over you and all your unresolved trifles while turning my back entirely on my life.  I couldn’t be happier to have you, though from the corner of my eye I glimpse G-d packing your bags.




Wash like you matter to yourself







Your desire is an ephemeral gift I treasure


A snowflake on my fingertip, a raindrop on my tongue


Your passion is a savory treat in season for this moment


Pomegranate seeds and rich truffles tempt and delight me


Your kind touch brands me flush, anticipation spreads like flame


Wind whips the breath of my wish to the four corners


Your acuity plucked me from the page and slipped me in your pocket


I nestle quiet with the lint and the cookie remnants