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Hide and Seek

October 16




I have sought You high and low, but like the rain, You have always found me.  I, like a cold, wet cat on a winter’s day, peer into warm lit windows hoping You will be home.  I seek, to keep me moving.  You find me for some unknown reason.  I have given up naming You.  I trust You know who you are, in spite of the fact I do not.  You are places I don’t know and doing things I think better of.  Citing the list of errands I daily make for You, not to beleaguer You, but the unfinished list of history trails out of my pocket, and I worry I may posses Your only copy of this injustice list.  There have been days of peace, days I don’t think too much, days I turn away from my history lessons and future projections.  My ultimate problem is with the equal sign.  I run the numbers and it figures inequity.  I check my calculations and shake the calculator of my mind.  Deeply, I fear You’re a one god and do not comprehend the implications of zero.  If you multiply with only things above the naught, You maybe unaware of nothingness, the empty things I feel when I can’t seem to find You.  Self-possessed, insensitive of the cipher, Your dimensions stay positive.  Bring me into Your realm or join me in the void.  I seek You, but You have found me.

  Weigh your demands and don’t let them tip your scale.